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You wonder if you're doing something wrong. You've tried everything you can to no avail. You start to worry that you're not doing right by your baby.

Listen. You ARE cut out for this. “It takes a village” is more than a cliché. Historically, there were villages of caretakers helped raise the babies and children. Child rearing wasn’t meant to fall on the backs of just one or two parents who are already barely treading water keeping up with the demands of modern society. 

Today, we’re conditioned — as parents, and in general — to believe that accepting help means we’ve failed or that we’re inadequate.  We hold ourselves to impossible standards in a cutthroat culture and deplete ourselves until we’re left trying to pour from an empty cup. 

I am here to help.

Let’s get your baby sleeping through the night

Hiring a baby sleep consultant will offer a clear path toward restful nights for both you and baby.

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No two babies are the same.
 personalized sleep plans reflect the needs of each individual child.

When you work with me, you'll get practical sleep solutions that work for YOU.

I roll up my sleeves to really get to know you, your baby and your family before I create my comprehensive sleep training plans. I carefully consider your needs, philosophy and lifestyle. 

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Hear From Families Now Sleeping Well

In addition to delivering us the results we had been praying for regarding some consistency and routine, what we value most about Iliana is her true compassion and desire to help. She is not in it for the money and uses her gift to bless others. Money is her last priority and, because of that, her genuine empathy shines through. After several other interviews — and one horrible “cry it out” experience with another sleep specialist —  Iliana made me feel comfortable with her confidence in her program. She dealt with my stressed-out self with patience and grace. We simply cannot say enough great things about her.

Zegers Family

Hear From Families Now Sleeping Well

I remember the first day we met I broke down into uncontrollable tears and she rearranged her schedule, gave me a big hug and said she was going to help fix things. That’s exactly what she did and immediately I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. It’s so hard to narrow down the best part of working with Iliana, but she gave me my sanity back! She also makes herself available to her clients almost 24/7. If she sees a late night or early morning text she always responds and it made me feel less alone and more confident in what I was doing. She’s also incredibly calm and knowledgeable and you can tell she loves children and loves what she does.

Megan Ross

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